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Derek Prince


Derek PrinceDerek Prince was born in India of British parents. He was educated as a scholar of Greek and Latin at Eton College and Cambridge University, England, where he held a Fellowship in Ancient and Modern Philosophy at King’s College. He also studied Hebrew and Aramaic, both at Cambridge University and the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In addition, he spoke a number of other modern languages.


While serving with the British army in World War II, he began to study the Bible and experienced a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. Out of this encounter he formed two conclusions: first, that Jesus Christ is alive; second, that the Bible is a true, relevant, up-to-date book. These conclusions altered the whole course of his life. Since then, he devoted his life to studying and teaching the Bible.


His daily radio broadcast Derek Prince Legacy Radio (formerly Keys to Successful Living), reaches more than half the world and includes translations into Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Malagasy, Mongolian, Russian, Samoan, Spanish and Tongan. He is the author of over 40 books, over 450 audio and 150 video teaching cassettes, many of which have been translated and published in more than 60 languages.


Derek’s main gift of explaining the Bible and its teaching in a clear and simple way has
helped build a foundation of faith in millions of lives. His non-denominational, non-sectarian
approach has made his teaching equally relevant and helpful to people from all racial and
religious backgrounds.

He is the author of over 80 books, 600 audio and 110 video teachings, many of which have been translated and published in more than 100 languages. His daily radio broadcast, Derek Prince Legacy Radio, is translated into Arabic, Chinese (Amoy, Cantonese, Mandarin, Shanghaiese, Swatow), Croatian, German, Malagasy, Mongolian, Russian, Samoan, Spanish and Tongan. The radio program continues to touch lives around the world.


“I could never have planned all this. I am always astonished when I hear that people know my teaching in some of the smallest villages of India or are watching my videos in Siberia—God is orchestrating it all!

More than fifty years ago, in what is today Israel, He spoke to me and said, I have called thee to be a teacher of the Scriptures in truth and faith and love which are in Christ Jesus—for many.

I could never have imagined how many that would be! But there has been a progression: first, I sought to give out the clear truth, then God emphasized the need for faith, and today my supreme aim is to produce love in those who hear my messages and read my books. I believe there still are many more for me to reach. I have no plans to retire. I look forward to fulfilling all that God still has in His plan for my life. He has proved Himself faithful to me for more than fifty years, and I trust Him to continue faithful to the end.

God is faithful!”

Derek Prince, Jerusalem 1995


Derek went to be with the Lord on September 24, 2003.

Learn more about the ministry of Derek Prince at- DerekPrince.org