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David Pawson David Pawson Teaching Trust

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    A speaker and author with uncompromising faithfulness to the scriptures, David brings clarity and a message of urgency to Christians looking to uncover hidden treasures in God’s Word. David Pawson was born in 1930. His father was a Methodist minister and his grandfather, a Professor of Agriculture. David, however, began his career with a degree in Agriculture at Durham University, England. With a newly acquired farm in Scotland, he was surprised when God intervened and led him to become a Christian minister.
    After completing an MA in Theology at Cambridge University, David became a chaplain in the Royal Air Force for three years. From there he moved on to pastor a number of churches in England including the Millmead Centre in Guildford, where under David’s caring leadership, the church became a model for many UK church pastors. His time at Millmead was also his most fruitful in terms of the library of his audio teachings. In 1979 David was released from the Millmead Centre to fulfill a wider international ministry.
    David is the author of numerous books, some of which include: The Normal Christian Birth, When Jesus Returns, The Challenge of Islam to Christians, Word and Spirit Together, Once Saved, Always Saved? and his ‘Unlocking the Bible’ series of 96 videos available on online or on MP4 or DVD. David has also launched an Explaining Series that teach what the Bible says about subjects important to becoming a Christian and growing a relationship with a living God. ‘Biblical Truths Simply Explained’ find out more at: www.explainingbiblicaltruth.global

David’s latest catalogue of books can be downloaded here.

    David now has an itinerant ministry predominantly to church leaders worldwide. Millions of copies of his audio Bible teachings have been distributed to over 120 countries. He is a writer and speaker of clarity and uncompromising faithfulness to the Scriptures. He is widely considered to be one of the world’s finest biblical expositors.

    David has established ‘The David Pawson Teaching Trust’ as a nonprofit making trust designed to protect and promote his teaching for future years. David’s aim is to make all his teachings available freely worldwide via his website Davidpawson.org or via David's YouTube Channel click here.In 2011, the Trust started the work of transcribing and translating the teaching library into other languages including Mandarin, Spanish, and many other international languages. All recordings continue to be available on CD and DVD from David’s distributors across the globe—for a list of Distributors click here. To purchase any of David’s teachings in the USA click here www.goodseed.org.

    David is pleased to offer you free access to his teaching library but his ministry is not without cost. If you have been blessed by David’s talks we invite you to be a partner in his ministry through your financial support of our work, including the current task of transcribing and translating the teachings into Mandarin, Russian and Latin American languages — click here to make a donation. Thank you and may our Lord bless you!